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Information on the village of Smailholm, near Kelso in Scotland.

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Floors Makerstoun Nenthorn & Smailholm Community Council Minutes of the AGM

Floors Makerstoun Nenthorn & Smailholm Community Council


Floors Garden Centre Terrace Restaurant, Tuesday 14th April 2015

Draft Minutes

Chairman Jim Shanks welcomed those present: J Freshwater (Secretary), J Duncan (Minute Secretary), C Hurran, Councillor T Weatherstone, Lord Biddulph, Lady Mary
Biddulph, K Douglas and 12 Members of the Public.

Apologies from I Malcom (Vice Chairman) and A Easson (Treasurer)

1. Minutes of the previous AGM held on Tuesday 15th April 2014 had been circulated and were approved by Lord Biddulph and seconded by J Freshwater.

2. Chairman’s Report: As the Chairman had only taken over at the previous meeting, he thanked Jane Cox for the help and advice she had given, and also Simon Moore for his work as treasurer. He welcomed the 2 new Community Councillors on to the committee. There had been some difficult issues to be dealt with at Nenthorn but his hope was that we could now go forward and make the community a better place for all.

3. Treasurer’s Report: As the bank had not yet changed the account over to the new treasurer, she was unable to make up proper accounts but would do so as soon as possible.

4. Councillor’s Report: T Weatherstone stated that Kelso’s recent upheaval was finally over and would be a huge asset. Before and after photos would be on display. The new recycling centre would be open by Mid May. Broomlands Primary school would be replaced but the High School had suffered a setback due to European Union technical problem. However the project would go ahead albeit at a later date. Repairs to Roxburgh Street would be the next priority. He recognised there was a large parking problem in Kelso, especially as the temporary car park in Roxburgh Street was to be built on next year. However a solution would require huge funds which were not available. The situation was not improved by having no traffic warden but this was unavoidable unless they employed a self funding warden.

5. Election of Office Bearers: Chairman - J Shanks was proposed by C H, seconded by LM and was duly re-elected.

Vice Chairman - I Malcolm was proposed by J S, seconded by J F and duly re-elected.
Treasurer – A Easson was proposed by LM, seconded by C H and duly re-elected.
Secretary – J Freshwater was proposed by J S, seconded by L B and duly re-elected.
Minutes Secretary – J Duncan was proposed by J S, seconded by LM and duly re-elected.

6. Any other AGM Business: There was none

There was a unanimous agreement to abide by the Constitution and the Code of Conduct.
J Shanks thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.45 pm.

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Date: 14/04/2015