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Information on the village of Smailholm, near Kelso in Scotland.

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Minutes of the Meeting of Floors Makerstoun Nenthorn & Smailholm Community Council held on 14th April 2015

Floors Makerstoun Nenthorn & Smailholm Community Council

Meeting held at Terrace Restaurant, Floors on Tuesday 14th April

Draft Minutes

1. Chairman J Shanks welcomed those present: J Freshwater(Secretary), J Duncan (Minute Secretary), C Hurran, Lord Buddulph, Lady Mary Biddulph, K Douglas, Councillor T Weatherstone and 12 members of the public.

Apologies: I Malcolm (Vice Chairman), A Easson (Treasurer)

2. The Minutes of the previous meeting held on 20th January 2015 were approved by Lord Biddulph and seconded by J Freshwater.

3. Matters Arising:

SBC Budget Meeting: Attended by J Shanks and J Freshwater. This had been a positive meeting with the Council having kept a lid on costs. Police Scotland having taken over responsibility from the Council had made extra monies available. There was to be an increase in planning fees over the next 5 years.

SBCCN Meeting: J Freshwater had attended this meeting in February and gave a report. Regarding publishing information via social network, we would now link onto the Smailholm website as there had been a problem linking with the Kelso CC site. Other CCs were having similar problems.
There is to be a training session with SBC Planning officer on how planning system works and how CCs should respond to planning consultations.
SBCCN are hosting an event on 30th April on engaging young people in CCs.

Cheviot Area Forum Report: Land use strategy meetings chaired by D Robson – this was set up as an information source but it was felt that it might turn into more of a rulebook. Police Scotland reported there would be no more parking made available at BGH. Change to parking at Shedden Park, Kelso with the addition of yellow lines.
Village grants - Smailholn awarded £130 for floral displays by Andrew Fairley. It was agreed that Makerstoun should have a similar amount.

4. Committee Vacancies: Nominations had been sought to fill two vacancies caused by 2 committee members leaving the area. David Stark was nominated by J Shanks and seconded by J Freshwater and Ken Bone was nominated by J Freshwater and seconded by C Hurran.
As these two were the only nominations they were both co-opted on to the CC. There was some objection from a MP to this process but this was dealt with and the meeting moved on.

5. Resilient Communities: There was no report from Mark Laidlaw.

6. Planning: Website
There were no objections to the planned development at Nenthorn cottage.
D Stark had some difficulty in accessing website, T Weatherstone advised how to do an advanced search for Kelso Ward.

7. Police Report: Apologies from Suzanne Howgego, a report was handed out and there were no comments made on this.

8. Financial Report: In the treasurer’s absence, a report was handed round. Due to the delay by the bank in changing over the signatories for the account, details of balances etc were not available. J Shanks had visited the bank and was hopeful that the situation would be resolved in the next week or so.
There was a question of what had happened to the account from the British Legion for the Memorial Wreath for Makerstoun since our treasurer had changed. A Easson to be asked if this had come to her.

9. Correspondence:
Invitation received to enter the Floral Gateway competition for communities.
Nominations sought by Clare Malster for deserving persons for a Golden Ticket award to travel on the opening journey of the Borders Railway on 5th September. 160 Golden Tickets available. Nominations made through the SBC website.
Keep Scotland Beautiful will supply clean up kits for local volunteers.

10 A.O.C.B:
T Weatherstone was happy to announce that the Kelpie Maquettes (scale models of the famous Falkirk sculptures) would be displayed in Kelso square from 15th – 18th May.
A MP reported that the Reduce Speed road sign at Nenthorn had broken and asked for this to be replaced. Also, as there had been 3 accidents at the bridge, if SBC can take any other steps to improve safety there. T Weatherstone to look into this.

11. Dates for Meetings:
Wednesday 17th June 2015, Smailholm Village Hall
Tuesday 15th September 2015, Makerstoun Village Hall
Tuesday 19th January 2016, Smailholm Village Hall

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Date: 14/04/2015