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Information on the village of Smailholm, near Kelso in Scotland.

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Floors Makerstoun Nenthorn & Smailholm Community Council Draft Minutes of Meeting held at Smailholm Village Hall on Wednesday 17th June 2015

Floors Makerstoun Nenthorn & Smailholm Community Council

Meeting held at Smailholm Village Hall on Wednesday 17th June 2015

Draft Minutes

1. Chairman J Shanks welcomed those present: I Malcolm(Vice Chairman), J Freshwater(Secretary), A Easson(Treasurer), J Duncan(Minutes Secretary), Councillor T Weatherstone, Lady Mary Biddulph, K Bone and 1 member of public.
Apologies: K Douglas, N Biddulph, M Laidlaw, J Howell, C Hurran and D Stark.

2. Minutes: The MP present objected to the minutes of the previous meeting. They were approved by J Freshwater, but a seconder was not available so the matter was carried over.

3. Matters Arising: SBCCN
SBC Winter Services delivery: Feedback sought from CCs. Responses to be made by 3rd July. I Malcolm observed that last year service had been poorer and that the roads had not been gritted at Smailholm before the school bus went out in the mornings. It was agreed that the service had decreased throughout the CC area even though it had been a mild winter. T Weatherstone confirmed that this was the same feedback they were getting from all the council area. Priority had to be given to those groups whose needs were greater; elderly, disabled, pregnant women and those with young babies.
Replacement doors and windows available. Rules for these could be easing off. There was a draft support planning guide, consultation found online.
There was a Government Review of GP out of hours services meeting on 2nd July concerning choice of care packages.
A SBCCN News Bulletin had been issued.

Cheviot Area Forum: No capital works programme in our area.
Young drivers; Courses were being offered with the Institute of Advanced Driving to those under 26 years of age. Cost £139 which would be refunded when they passed. T Weatherstone said feedback from those taking the course was very good especially as a pass made insurance cheaper.
Nenthorn Bridge; SBC had looked at this and although there had been accidents there recently it was not regarded as an accident blackspot, therefore no change was necessary. An MP asked for strips to be placed on the road but, because the accidents had not been caused by speed, this was thought unnecessary. A suggestion was that possibly a non slip surface could be put on the corner.

4. Resilient Communities: M Laidlaw was unable to be present. K Bone was asked to contact him to find out what progress could be made. Leaflets had been distributed but we needed to know what to do next to try to get things in place before the wintertime.

5. Planning: Website
Cakemuir Cottage – ongoing. No other applications.

6. Police Report: Suzanne Howgego sent her report. ‘Don’t spoil summer’ is this
year’s campaign to let drivers know that even having one drink can put them over the limit. A Road Crime and Road Safety Strategy has been developed to make our road network safer for users. The only incidents in our area were a minor road accident in the Smailholm area and a young man being charged with police assault after officers attended a party in Nenthorn.

7. Finance Report: A Easson reported that the signatures for the account had finally
been changed over by the bank on 3rd June. She was having great difficulty agreeing the accounts she had inherited to the bank balance. She had been in touch with Fiona Henderson from Cheviot Area Forum who now deals with CC matters, to try to resolve this. The annual grant of £690.00 had been received from SBC. A Fairley had been paid £387.87. A figure of £800/£900 would be left once all other outstanding invoices were paid.

8. Correspondence: Scottish Borders Elder Voice was to be wound up by 1st August.
Contact number given for Borders Dementia Working Group 01835 825080.
Action Plan for Scottish Rural Parliament passed round. Leaflet on Borders Railway to Tweedbank. The demand for tickets for opening day had been overwhelming. Leaflets for various events at Harestanes were displayed.
There was to be a SBCC Network meeting on 1st July at Council Headquarters.

9. AOCB:
Smailholm were raising money for a defibulator to be based in the village. I Malcolm
asked if the CC would like to make a donation.
Lady Mary asked about a new passing place on the road above Makerstoun church. T. Weatherstone to look into this. Also reported complaints about dangerous parking at Manorhill Farm junction and disappearance of road bollards at Stodrig.
Approx. £200 had been found in a box of old CC documents. It was decided to pay this into the bank as historic funds and then donate it to the Smailholm defibulator.
The MP asked about Notices for CC Meeting being put up on notice boards. This had been done.
A complaint had been received about the way the Chairman had dealt with an MP at the meeting in April. J Shanks tendered his resignation over this and was immediately followed by resignations from Secretary J Freshwater, Vice Chairman I Malcolm and Treasurer A Easson. All resigned from the CC.
It was also intimated that the 2 members who joined the Council on 14th April had been nominated by members of the community and not members of the Community Council as required.

Next Meeting had been arranged for Tuesday 15th September in Makerstoun Village Hall.
The future of the CC was left in the hands of SBC.

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Date: 14/07/2015